Night view of Seoul in Korea with 25 hours lighting
Night view of Seoul in Korea with 25 hours lighting



The increasing daily use of the Internet and smart phones are leading people to get an easy access to direct overseas purchases and sales.

Due to the ever-increasing popularity of the Korean Wave, the desire of foreign consumers to buy Korean products directly from overseas is continuously increasing.

In this regard, “Korean Wave Globalization” promises to be a leading export company providing 100% Korean products to overseas customers (B2C, B2B) through the publication of the Internet newspapers.

As CEO of “Korean Wave Globalization”, I firmly assure that we will do our best to accomplish the proliferation of Hallyu (the Korean Wave) culture and the export of products related to it with sincerity and persistence.

Let’s begin a journey to Korea with KOREA25 now.

CEO Han Wha-Sung





 Our Business 

– Help Hallyu(the Korean Wave) fans save time and enjoy convenience.

– Remove discomfort of overseas Hallyu fans due to unintegrated Hallyu information.


 Language by Country 

  1. Hallyu news service in 25 languages

Hallyu news in the languages of 185 countries and communication with Korean people through SNS.

 Hallyu Information 

  1. One-click Hallyu information

Subscription of Hallyu information (News + Products) will lead its readers to leave comments and purchase Korean products in this online market.

 Reinforcement of Reverse Straight Sales 

  1. Reverse Straight Sales

A circulatory sales structure, in which sellers and buyers are directly connected to the sales and purchase of Hallyu products based on shared information.



❶ Hallyu Fans

❷ Producers

❸ (B2B) Buyers

❹ (B2C) Buyer




There is no finish line for beauty


▪ First, Customer Satisfaction,

▪ Second, Customer Satisfaction,

▪ And the third, Customer Satisfaction

– We innovate until all our customers are satisfied


Focus on the users / Honesty / Beauty


Fun & Informative Korea 25 Hours



▪ Honesty and sincerity

▪ Realization of the customer values

▪ Being beneficial to all humanity



▪ Shape : There is a Taegeuk mark in the center, with an outer ring of 10 colors representing 10 diverse cultures and a white middle ring.

▪ Content : The concept of sparkling light whose bright white Tai Chi people spread brightly. The Korean Wave culture, which boasts Korea’s long history, is born with the meaning that it will spread brightly in all directions all over the world forever and ever.

▪ Why Korea 25 : “25” refers to the number “24” representing the number of Korean consonants (14) and vowels (10) plus one alpha, which means that we will live 24 hours a day, plus the last one hour. Korea 25 symbolizes our strongest will to add the last one hour after the time of our best effort.



Hallyu Globaliztion Co.,Ltd

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Trading Number : 30928341

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